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If you read this, then you're awake and you know it very well !

But maybe what you don't know is that you don't keep the same level of vigilance throughout the day.

Human life activities are controlled by the sleep-wakefulness cycle. The evolution of modern societies tends to disrupt this cycle by professional constraints, the increasing complexity of work organization and multiple technological solicitations. The consequences of these perturbations are part of human factors, ie the reasons and behaviors leading to human error. The optimization of sleep management becomes a necessity, impacting health, security and performance during wakefulness.

Because sleep is one third of the life of everyone, management and optimization of sleep must be included in time management in general.
Today, the world faces the multiple challenges of the competitive economy. These challenges go through the performance of organizations, and it is important to offer solutions in sleep management field to reduce absenteeism, stress and fatigue, and participate in safety of goods and people.