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Cycl'ops CD pictureCYCL'OPS v1.0 was launched in 2008. CYCL'OPS is an auto-training program for sleep and wakefulness management for the French Air Force in operational situations.This educational CD-Rom provides a personalized and interactive approach and a validated scientific database.

CYCL’OPS results from two observations, namely that human factors play a crucial role in flight safety and that during operations, given the complexity of contextual factors and more taxing work rhythms, the “sleep-wake” balance is key to determining the quality of vigilance both by day and night.

CYCL’OPS comprises a scientifically-approved educational basis and instructive simulations. It also provides tests and tools for improving self-knowledge in a pragmatic and innovative way. CYCL’OPS was developed on a separate programming and content basis. This design greatly facilitates updating in terms of both data correction and new data entry, for instance, to integrate new scenarios.

An official video clip is available on Daily motion French Ministry of Defense playlist (Paris Le Bourget Air show 2009).

Cycl'Ops was presented in the Human Performance Enhancement for NATO Military Operations (HFM-181 Symposium - Sofia, Bulgaria - Oct.2009)